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May 18, 2022

If you want to listen to POTC radio on your favorite web stream player, we got you covered. Popular players like Windows Media, Winamp, iTunes, Realplayer and Webplayer are all available to directly access Power of the Cross stream through our stream portals listed. Just click on the desired player link and the player should open with Power of the Cross Radio stream in the correct player if properly installed on your device.

 WindowsMedia: https://usa19.fastcast4u.com:1910/powerofthecross/1/wmp.asx 

 Winamp: https://usa19.fastcast4u.com:1910/powerofthecross/1/winamp.m3u 

 iTunes: https://usa19.fastcast4u.com:1910/powerofthecross/1/itunes.pls 

 RealPlayer: https://usa19.fastcast4u.com:1910/powerofthecross/1/realplayer.ram 

 WebPlayer: https://usa19.fastcast4u.com:1910/powerofthecross/1/web