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July 5, 2021

Every Christian, believer, is an overcomer, and victorious in Christ, through their faith in Christ.

In order for believers to maintain this victory on a daily basis the believer anchors their faith in Christ and in Christ’s finished work at Calvary’s Cross and nothing else no matter how commendable it is. This is what Jesus referred to as taking up the cross daily and following Him, Luke 9:23.

 All Christians need to understand, as well as those ministering God Word there is nothing that can be done to make oneself an overcomer or victorious as that has already been afforded, been done, in Christ Jesus defeating Satan, sin, and darkness on our behalf. Your faith in Christ and in what He has accomplished is what makes you an overcomer and victorious and that alone, period.

 The devil, Satan will do everything he can within his power to move you away from that position you have in Christ and the Cross. The devil wants you to believe you have to do something, perform good works, in order to earn something from God, in order for you to become an overcomer, which he knows will never work. Doing religious works to earn something from God is an abomination, a horrible insult to Jesus. It’s as one is saying whether it is realized or not, that Jesus did not finish the work at Calvary’s Cross and needs our help for us to have an overcoming, victorious life. If one ever tries to gain victory outside or beyond the confines of the Cross, that which Christ accomplished there, God’s narrow way, we fail every time. 

Every time the believer looks anything other than that which Christ accomplished at Calvary’s Cross, we frustrate the liberty that the Holy Spirit needs to operate in our lives. In other words, we shut the door to the only power stronger than the devil that we must have to say no to sin, bondage, addiction, or the healing we are praying for. If the Christian does not permit the Grace of God to work in their lives, which is only afforded as your faith is anchored in Christ and what He has already accomplished, we will not be overcoming Christians. We have to believe in our hearts what Christ accomplished is more than enough for everything we need .

Religion says, “I am a good person, I can do it”. Faith says, “Lord I’m a sinner in need of a Saviour, please forgive me for my sins, I accept You Lord Jesus as the Saviour of my soul and the Lord over my life, You died on Calvary’s Cross, we’re buried and rose again on the third day, my victory is in that which You accomplished”, John 3:14-21, Romans 8:1-2. God’s Grace, that all need, that all must have, which affords us an overcoming, and victorious life is only through God’s narrow way, the Cross of Christ.


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