Prayer changes things! Prayer is how the Christian communicates with God. With the advent of technology, now people from all over the world can join together in prayer. Simply leave your prayer request here. After a short approval time, you prayer request will be displayed on the prayer wall for people all around the world to agree with and join you in prayer.

Also, you can be an intercessor and pray for these requests. Praying for others needs is part of our Christian walk. Just simply click on “Prayed” after praying for the request. You can also reply to a prayer request. Leave words of comfort to encourage others! All comments are moderated.

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  • Please pray for complete and total healing of my colon and stomach, that they be restored to perfect health and function. Pray that there are no polyps, inflammation, disease, or abnormalities of any kind in my colon or stomach. Pray for perfect functioning of my colon and stomach. Please pray for total and complete healing of my colon and stomach and that again, pray that they be restored to optimal state of wellness and health. Pray I have nothing to worry about as I have all of you wonderful people praying for me. And, I thank you all so very much. I am SO very appreciative of all of your prayers for this. I am so blessed. Thank you, SO much, from the bottom of my heart.
  • Hello, today marks a reunion with my kids after 9 months. I ask for His love, grace, & forgiveness to fill our time together. Cover us with the blood of Christ, protecting us & fostering healing. May this visit be guided by Your perfect love. In Jesus' name, Amen.
  • Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Repentance Prayer - Greeting brothers and sisters, I am asking for you to pray that I return to God through fasting’s, prayers and discipline. I strayed away and would like to give up this sinful life and stay in God for the rest of my life. -Ryann C.

    Soldiers Prayer - I am asking for prayers for our God to create me into a Prayer Warrior, Spiritual Warfare Soldier, and Soul Winner. Please pray for protection over my life and son’s life as I know Satan will not let up once God consecrates these to me. I ask for strength, guidance, humility and compassion attributes along with these warrior abilities. – Ryann C.
  • Healing for Benta, God Knows her skin conditions and situation. Please pray God fully heals her, brings her to repentance for Salvation and keeps her in his promises.
  • Greeting brothers and sisters, I am asking for you to pray that the following souls would be Saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. Please ask that God would use his means to get them the message and that they would hear, and not turn away their hearts. Their names are as follows below. If they’re already Saved or Saved because of your prayers without our knowing, please pray that they will be sanctified and let their light shine upon the earth.
    Salvation for the Following
    Cathy T. – She may or may not already saved but needs delivered from demonic influences which give her a double spirit
    Jeffrey M. – His Wife Cristie L. – Their Children Nathaniel, Ariel and Jacob
    Autumn C. – His Wife Amy and their two daughters
    Corey C. – her two sons Martavion and Terryon
    Malik S. – His Wife Isabella K. – their son Cameron
    Benta T.
    Samuelle T.
    Emmanuell’e T.
    Tawnya B. (she is addicted to pills also – please pray for her deliverance and Salvation) – her son Teagann C.
  • The Lord says in Thessalonians 3:3
    "But the Lord is faithful, & He will strengthen you & protect you from the evil one." Please be in agreement w me that he will protect my boyfriend Gene from all evil influences at his workplace that is filled with constant strife, retaliation, hostility, gossip, jealousy, & perversion.
  • Pray that Anecia be fully separated from Jeffery and Trevor permanently because these men are pushing Anecia away from Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, Redeemer and Master, and from her daughter.
  • strength needed bad
  • I received a job offer but it's contigent on verifying all my past employment. Some of those employers might be unresponsive or difficult to contact, so I'm concerned. If things go awry, I'll have to start my job search all over again.
  • In this difficult time, I ask for God's protection over my wife and our marriage. May His love shield us from outside influences and turn away any harm.
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