Prayer changes things! Prayer is how the Christian communicates with God. With the advent of technology, now people from all over the world can join together in prayer. Simply leave your prayer request here. After a short approval time, you prayer request will be displayed on the prayer wall for people all around the world to agree with and join you in prayer.

Also, you can be an intercessor and pray for these requests. Praying for others needs is part of our Christian walk. Just simply click on “Prayed” after praying for the request. You can also reply to a prayer request. Leave words of comfort to encourage others! All comments are moderated.

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  • In this difficult time, I ask for God's protection over my wife and our marriage. May His love shield us from outside influences and turn away any harm.
  • With gratitude in my heart, I request your prayers for the ongoing restoration of my family. Your unwavering support has been a source of strength during this journey. As we celebrate the progress, please continue to lift up prayers for the ongoing restoration of my marriage.

    Pleading the blood of Christ over my marriage and family.

  • I ask for prayers for victory in severe difficulty and season of trial as I am extremely ill and encountering severe spiritual battles as well. I ask for strength to hold on to God and seek Him with all my heart. Thank you for your prayers
  • Asking prayer that Kevin and Trevor be separate permanently and forever from each other. That Trevor move out of Kevin home.
  • Please pray that Jesus would come back and save, heal, set free, revive, redeem, restore and deliver. Pray for fully surrendered, worshipful, prayerful, thankful hearts and that God be gracious in Jesus name.
  • Please pray for my youngest daughter Sarah.
    3 things please:
    1. She just started a new job, her first check is short. Between her rent, car payment and bill's she will have 200 for food and gas for the WHOLE MONTH. Please pray for her finances, in Jesus Name, Amen.
    2. She is in her first real relationship after several years. I met him this past month. I pray he (B.W.) is the one, who walks in the Kingdom of God, I pray he is NOT another narcissist but IS a Godly man and loving, good and faithful to my daughter and of course to Jesus, I pray marriage is on his mind regarding Sarah. Please pray for blessings over her, her bf, and their lives and relationship together, no weapon formed against her, nor her boyfriend, shall prosper, deliver them from evil, break every curse, keep them healthy and protected, in all ways,
    3. Pray for Sarahs health, healing of her whole body, mind, soul, etc, pray she is free of vaping and smoking cravings and picks up healthy habits, loses the 10 lbs
  • A blessed day and night full of happiness free of stress harassment from the devil praise God
  • Please pray for a miracle! Haley (17) had a heart and lung transplant three days ago and the doctors are saying she may lose her legs. Please pray God does a miracle. Thank you so much!!!
  • Seeking prayers for my marriage, family restoration, finances, and faith. Facing spiritual battles, challenges and divorce proceedings, I invoke the protective grace of Christ's blood. The Bible says, “where two agree on anything on earth, the Father in heaven will do it" (Matthew 18:19).
  • Pray for Khadijah to forgive me (Jamal) because satan is putting unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger in her heart against me. We have to work together for our autistic son's sake. I'm trying hard to bring Khadijah to Jesus Christ and salvation.
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