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  • Please pray that a door opens out of my job at Dept of Justice. The management team have been unreasonable given I am pregnant and bullying myself with Human Resources all against law. I am early days and already provided them medical advice. Union escalating. Please pray for justice and a door to open into a safe work place environment. This workplace is not right and I really do not feel peace to be here in my vulnerable time. My pregnancy is a miracle. Please protect me and let god intervene and stop these bullies.
  • Please pray for protection getting attacked today from workplace. I am trying to get a transfer as pregnant miracle pregnancy glory to god to safe admin role as per medical advice Dept being difficult union however are stepping in. Please pray for justice and for a positive outcome.
    Thanks for ongoing prayers. I am being bullied which is against policy and legislation by a Director. Please ask that God intervenes urgently and overturns this as I have asked for transfer to admin role as per policy.
  • pleas epray for 7 pets to be rescued. Thanks
  • Prayers for healing my gums and teeth they are very painful these last few days. Prayers for all family members salvation. Prayers for financial breakthrough and open doors for my small businesses.
  • I am having a hard time believing God loves me and wants me to be saved. Please pray that He would restore my hopes, and bring me to His side, and that my family, friends, and community would be willing to help.
    1. Ur brother!

      I promise God loves u and he wants u to be saved. He don\'t want u to hurt, ur his child and he wants nothing but good things for u, he wants u to call on him in times of need jus like a father would so he can help u and protect u and show u the tru meaning of what happiness is, he wants u to be happy and nothing less, . He a loving and understanding god. Give him ur time in prayer and ask him to heal and help u in any struggle that ur having and I promise he will.. prayers for u and your family.

    2. Rhonda

      Brianna- God says that you are a one of a kind masterpiece! He loves you so very much 💖

    3. Pastor Wilson

      God is always near to the brokenhearted. The enemy of our soul desires to convince us God does not care when nothing is further from the truth. If you know Jesus as your savior, You belong to the family of God!

    4. Shannon

      Jesus loves you and continues to love you. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. Lord wrap your loving arms around this sweet lady.

  • Prayers for healing please and prayers for financial stability please
  • I have not felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in a long time. Please pray that God would restore me to fellowship with Him.
  • Please pray for my children, raymie, Riley, kolbianne, damara and Nathan from Oklahoma. That GODS hand of protection would be upon them everywhere they go and that they would all walk in the will of GOD and obtain salvation. That their father would stay healthy for them and be stable in all his ways. also salvation for Jessica, James and Russell and their families in Oklahoma. That they would fear God very soon and hate their idols and serve god only and walk very closely with God all their days
  • I would like to pray for my friend for the bitterness he has for family and the station in life he is in, for him to be grounded in a relationship with God, and for Him to do things for him he doesn't know to ask. (5/9/22)
  • Please continue to pray for my brother. I ask for healing of mind, body, heart, and spirit. I ask for deliverance of all that binds him. Please pray for God encounters and God's protection over him. Please pray for miracles. Thank you.
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