Prayer changes things! Prayer is how the Christian communicates with God. With the advent of technology, now people from all over the world can join together in prayer. Simply leave your prayer request here. After a short approval time, you prayer request will be displayed on the prayer wall for people all around the world to agree with and join you in prayer.

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  • Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at the Power of the Cross!GOD has given me a heart for NYC i pray for it every day and try to stand in the gap as much as i can!This Sunday is the Puerto Rican day parade which sometimes has trouble before and after and this month is called gay pride month with a huge parade at the end of the month!So these are just some of the things that i will be fighting in the SPIRIT and sure would appreciate your prayers for GODS help!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 6/6/24
  • Please Pray GOD Blesses me with a soulmate  now in JESUS name..I have Been praying for a soulmate for 29 years..  
  • Please pray for wisdom & protection from wicked influences for my son Jon Christian & his new wife Morgan. They don't speak to me so I ask that God send someone into their lives who Loves Jesus & will keep them close to the Holy Spirit for the Lord promises me in Isaiah 54:13 that all my children will be taught by the Lord & great will be their peace. In Isaiah 49:25 He also promises me that he will save my children and I know that His Word does not return Void.
  • Please pray for my beloved sister in-law Eileen & her daughter Erika's deliverance from broken heartedness & grief. Psalm 34:18 the Lord is close to the brokenhearted & rescues those crushed in spirit. Please protect all the Kennedys today and every day with the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Asking for God's powerful healing & strength to help my mom, sister & I through the difficult hardships please. Thank you so much
  • Prayers for every financial and legal credit card judgments , old student loan debts, we are going through way too many financial situations home, car, truck, living expenses and for God to make away out and for the Lord's favor, Mercy, and help. We are keeping everything current now it's old debts and home, car, truck situations that are far above our budget. Lord help us.
  • Please help me pray for my mom who is a baptized Christian but has backslid in the last several years which in turn has caused our family to be cursed with the consequences of her bad decisions. Its like being handcuffed to someone evil when your mother acts bad. But she taught us kids about Jesus & that's why I still think she's a good mom who has done her job in life since teaching your children the way to get eternal life is all that matters in this life. She's worth it to me to pray for her
  • For the Will of Jesus Christ for Ulyana a girl from my Christian girls home group and for healing of her from flat feet and scoliosis with a nickname @********* on telegram
  • Finances, protection, career, church home, ministry, healing, friends, relationships, guidance, wisdom& knowledge, spiritual growth, riches & wealth, car , my own home or apartment, family , kids, marriage, business, love
  • Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters at the Power of the Cross!I need your help pretty bad!Please say a prayer for me as many of you know homeless at 77 i fell and hurt my knee pretty bad last week so to help it heal i was using my back a lot more thank normal and now my back feels like it could go out any minute which is extremely painful but your prayers and the good LORD are still my hope!GOD bless you brother Danny 2/4/24 p.s what would help so much is a pair of sneakers that fit and give support and that the bottoms are not falling out
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